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Harness the power of the Industrial Internet to achieve breakthrough levels of performance from all your industrial assets throughout its lifecycle. GE's Asset Performance Solutions help our customers visualize machine performance, prioritize maintenance actions, and build toward optimizing operations by integrating data and analytics to deliver insights on the assets that drive their business. Maximize your asset performance and value with GE.

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Enable smarter operators with operational visibility anytime, anywhere

Water | Mekorot, Israel’s National Water Company
Learn how this company uses real-time data to automatically monitor and control its devices, along with high availability control to virtually eliminate downtime across its operations.

Intelligent Environments | Illuminating San Diego
Find out how San Diego uses each streetlight as an asset in the next frontier of smart city systems with GE’s LED lighting. Providing more illumination and more control, the solution provides cost savings, energy savings, and an improved light source for the community today and into the future.


Pre-empt issues with predictive maintenance and operations intelligence, reducing cost and extending asset life

Energy | Cornell University
Find out how real-time operational intelligence enables Cornell to speed off-hours troubleshooting by 40% and optimize its energy efficiency.

Oil & Gas | Seal Pressure Issue Found at an Oil and Gas Facility
Discover how GE Software helped this company detect that seal pressures on its water injection pump deviated from expected values, enabling it to make a simple operational change and avoid $365K in repair costs.

Transportation | Cruise Control at CSX
CSX leverages GE’s Trip Optimizer™ system, which uses algorithms onboard the locomotive to generate a plan for that train for its entire trip. What’s more, it adjusts based on real-time conditions to reduce fuel consumption. The result: saving 32,000 gallons per locomotive every year.


Optimize production and avoid unplanned downtime with analytic insights

Mining | Impala Platinum
Learn how GE Software helps improve process efficiency and reduces process variation by 40% through advanced control intelligence for real-time optimization.

Power & Energy | TransCanada
Learn how TransCanada’s Ravenswood power plant in New York increased output and captured fuel efficiency gains that translate into more reliable power and more competitive rates.

Aviation | Perfecting Flight for AirAsia
See how advanced data capture and analytics—powered by GE solutions—help AirAsia optimize aircraft utilization and push the boundaries of fuel efficiency. As a result, it saves over 1% of its fuel bill each year.