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GE Software has joined forces with other industry leaders and innovators to build an ecosystem of companies committed to igniting the next Industrial Revolution. Through our partnerships, we are sharing our expertise, catalyzing complementary development, and extending our reach. The result is a consistent, connected, and collaborative approach to harness the potential of the Industrial Internet and deliver powerful customer outcomes.

GE and Accenture formed a strategic global alliance to develop technology and analytics applications that help companies across a range... Learn more.

GE has formed a strategic relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to leverage its powerful, scalable, low-cost platform to offer... Learn more.

GE and its strategic telecommunications partners are working to simplify the connection of machines and devices to the GE Industrial Cloud... Learn more.

GE and Cisco have extended their existing business relationship to include collaboration in industries that may include oil and gas, transportation... Learn more.

GE and Intel are collaborating to embed virtualization and cloud-based, standardized interfaces within the GE Predix® platform. This will help... Learn more.

GE’s investment in and partnership with Pivotal will accelerate GE’s ability to create new analytic services and solutions for customers. Learn more.

GE and SoftBank have formed a strategic alliance that makes SoftBank the first to license GE's Predix® platform in order to deliver... Learn more.