Pivot Podcast
Season 1: Episode 3


Season 1: Episode 3



Silicon Valley visionary Adam Jacob, chief development officer at Chef, shares his perspective on GE’s Industrial Internet initiative.

Wearables, in tandem with the Industrial Internet, will transform how workers interact with machines.

Get insight into the latest Internet of Things trends, read about the solutions facilitating IoT development, and pocket a comprehensive checklist to help you secure your IoT apps in the 2015 DZone Guide to the Internet of Things.

About GE Predix

GE Software is where Silicon Valley and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) intersect by connecting minds and machines through Predix. With its release, developers will have the tools and microservices to build industrial-strength applications — quickly and securely — turning real-time operational data into actionable insights, across all industries. Predix allows developers to shift from focusing on integration to innovation. As we ignite the next wave of the Industrial Revolution, help us build, move, power, and cure the world.


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