Welcome to Industrial Internet Evaluator

Industrial Internet Evaluator will help you gauge your progress on the analytic adoption path of the Industrial Internet. Understand the steps industrial companies are taking to drive efficiencies and profitability via analytic solutions and benchmark against peers in your industry.

Know Your Score

0-3 FOUNDATION You have taken the important steps to connect and collect volumes of big data that will provide the basis of a strategy around analytics.
3-6 ADVANCED With the ability to monitor equipment health and operational processes from big data analytics, you are driving business outcomes.
6-9 LEADERSHIP Your use of connected machines, operational efficiencies and production impact from big data analytics puts you in a leading competitive position.
> 9 VISIONARY You recognize the power of big data analytics to transform your industries. Your vision ensures your position to survive and thrive in the new environment.

Upon completion, receive a peer comparison.

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